The worship Ministry of God’s vessel “Min. Ekong” debuts with a great new song titled “Chukwu”
Speaking about the song
The song Title “CHUKWU” Meaning (God); The reality of what and who God has been to him has caused a total dedication of his life and will to God.
Get ready to launch into the deep for an encounter to experience the impossible turning possible; turn on the volume and sink deep as this song gets released into your spirits..

Ensure to download, listen and share . God bless you.

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Lyrics: CHUKWU by Ekong A. ft Favour Joseph

Verse 1:
Chukwu Ikenna (strength of God)
Akana ‘gbaji igwé (The hand that breaks metal)
Ikuku aman’ohia (The wind that can never be trapped)
Onye nzo’puta mó (my deliverer)
No one compares to you
The Lord of hosts that’s who you are
Chineke Ekwueme (The God that talk and do)


Chukwu odighi onye dika gi (God there is none like you)
Odighi onye dika gi (there is none like you) x2
Chukwu (odighi onye dika gi) (God there is none like you) x2
There is nothing you cannot do

Verse 2:

Whenever I call you,
Lord answer
Odogwu na agha- (Mighty warrior)
You have never ever failed me
It could have been my last but you gave me hope
I was rest assured that you’ll comfort me
Chineke Ekwueme – (The God that talk and do)

Whenever I call you
Lord you answer
Aka Ji uwa – (The hand that holds the universe)
Idighi araghipu mo – (You never leave me)
Who am I that you love me so
Dalu – (Thank you)
Onye olu ebube muo – (My miracle worker)
Chineke – (God)
Eke odum – (Might/great Lion)


Chukwu mo (God) x3
There is none like you
Chukwu mo (God) x3
There is none like you

Chukwu (odighi onye dika gi) God (there is none like you) x3
Chukwu (God)
There’s no one like you (x2)
And there is nothing you cannot do.

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