Chinedu Ebeatu also known as Harry Bartholomew is a gospel singer from Anambra State Nigeria. He started his music from his childhood and he is also an Instrumentalist in his Local church. Harry Bartholomew drops another single title Chukwu ebube (Glorious GOD) a song that describes the greatest of God over his life, from nobody to somebody from grass to Grace. Be Blessed

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Lyrics: Chukwu Ebube
Verse 1:
Chukwu ebube mu odiri oye di ka gi
Oye olu ebube mu nara ekene igi bia
Idi ebube idi omimi ni me omimi
Odiri oye di ka gi chimuo

Lead: Odiri onye di ca gi chimuo
Back-ups: Odiri onyedikagi
Lead: chukwu ebube mooo
Back-ups: Odiri onye yirigi
Lead: Oye olu ebube moo
Back-ups: Nara ekene ngi bia

Verse 2:
Chukwu ebube chukwu ngi emeonu
Oye olu ebube chukwu ngi
Abamba idi ebube mooooooo

Nara ekene igi bia
Ewooo oye ebube chukwu daddy mo
Chukwu daddy mo you are bigger than what people say
I bow to you
I worship you
The pillar that holds my life
The pillar that holds my life
Who can battle with you
Who can battle with you
Idi ebube
Idi omimi ni me omimi idi ebube moooooooo
Chukwu ebube mu chi ngi abamba


Odiri oye di ka gi
Myself oye olu ebube moo chi ngi emeonu

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