Nigeria super gospel Singer and Poet releases this year with a new song titled “Dansaki Re”

Dansaki Re means Praises,
In the midst of all situations, The Lord has never failed us.
He is the great and mighty God and that’s why we must give him all the Glory.

Let’s raise our voice to the most high with this great song

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Dansaki lyrics

Isaiah saw this king
In his sublime glory
Sovereignty and holiness
Seated upon a throne
High and life up

The train of his robe fills the temple
Above him were mighty six wings seraphs
With two they cover their face
With two they cover their feet
And with two they fly

They sand one to another saying
Holy Holy Lord God Almighty
The whole heart is filled with his glory
Such singing it was that at the sound of their voices
The threshold of the temple shook and the temple was filled with smoke

Tani je Aye nibiti ayeraye wa
Tani Apata leyin apata ayeraye
Olorun tobi loba
Kosi iru kaun lawujo okuta weere
Koti si iru iyo
Lawujo eepe

Who is like you God among the gods
Who is God beside the God of Isaac
Who but he is has a rock except the God of wonders

He is so steadfast,Yahweh unrivaled
He is great he alone is God
There’s no other savior
Indeed There’s no rock
I no not one
His wisdom is profound
With that all know in mind
His power is vast
With his all conquering arm
Who has ever defile without harm
Who can ever oppose him successfully
And who can ever say what doesth thou

Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar belshasha sunecerub
There’s one no plan no insight no one that can stand against he Lord God of Isaac
Who can fathom his miseries
Who can probe his almighty
Even thou the wisest man speaks of knowing his miseries
He will never find out
They higher than the height of heavens what can one do
And they are deeper than the depth of grave
What can one know
Longer in scope he is and broader than sea
Can anyone hide in secret place
Where isn’t he
Up to heavens
He is there
Who was there when he made the world
Who laid the earth foundations
At whose compound those the eagle soar
Mighty God forever
Creator unbegun unending
Great hath thou judge of all searcher of heart the deity, holy, mighty, redeemed from ages past sanctuary strengt and song who again became salvation
Our refuge impenetrable to temptation

Mo sun moba niwon egbeje
Mo jina soba niwon egbefa
Mo wari fun o
Mo gbosuba rabande fun o
Atobatele atobiju ninu olanla
Onibuola ola yanturu
Ojun to ohun gbogbo
Oloju ju igba fitila



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