Gospel music minister, Apostle Cee also known as Uche Chiweolu releases a new single titled “Grace For A Second Chance”

In his words …

The song,  highlights on God restoring the lost world back to Himself through  the finished work of calvar.

Uche Chiweolu is a song writer and a Preacher of the gospel from Afikpo North  of  Ebonyi state, Nigeria.  He is a graduate of the International School of Mission and Leadership ( Isomal)

Let the Grace of God for a second chance be upon you as you download , listen and share song


How, Can I bless the grace that has given me, a second chance?
How can I bless the Grace That picked me up from the merry clay?
Jesus is the grace of my second chance,
On the cross of Calvary, he won the grace for me!
Glory to God, in the highest,

How can I?

How can I bless the grace of my second chance,,,,
Jesus is the grace,,,
Of my second chance,,,, (*2)
( Speaking in tongues)
Amen mayinamana,
Ememiemonineyi nomo, lazivruzemayanichataniomo,

( Call and respond)
Say grace, Grace.
Say grace, Grace.
Everybody say grace, Grace,
Say grace, Grace
Scream it loud and say grace, Grace,
OH, say Grace,

Second Verse
It was grace that, brought me from the miry clay set my fit upon the rock,
Say grace, oh grace.
Once a sinner but now am a holy man, once into prostitution,
Fornicator masturbator,
Say grace, oh grace,

How can I,,,,
How can I bless the grace of my second chance,,
How can I bless the grace,
Jesus is the grace of My second chance,,,

(He won it for me)

How can I bless the grace of My second chance,

On the cross he paid all the depth,

Jesus is the grace of my second chance

I said yes he paid it all,

(Second verse)
Lord I give you my heart, give you my soul,
I ‘will live for you alone
Lord, I give you my hear for your pleasure (my life, is yours,*2)
For your pleasure my life is yours,
My life is yours oh God.,
For ever Lord my life is yours,.
How can I

Chorus Till infinity,

The End


Connect to Apostle Cee
Faceboo, Instagram and Twitter: @Uche Chiweolu



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