Check out new debut music video & audio titled HALLELUJAH from (Amen Victorious ft E-Wise Okonkwo)

Biography : Amen Virtuous
My name’s are Amen nugbasoro known as (Amen virtuous ) From Edo state Benin city Nigeria, went to Shakamomodu Technical School Benin city from a humble family, praise and worship leader a vocalist Wife and mother of 3 lovely kids. A gospel singer, song writer, producer and actress based in Spain.

I have great passion for singing and glorifying God which i started at the age of 12 and my priority is to glorify God and him alone, in 2017 i release my first album titled U ALONE i believe my life is all about music, music to me is where i find relief it’s a big part of me.

When ever I’m not okay i just listen to some good music that’s all i find relief, my passion for music is something beyond expression i just love music especially gospel song’s

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