Roseline Jacobs, Gospel Minister and worshipper set the pace with a new powerful song entitled “Healing is Yours”

The songs speak about the healing power of being in Christ, she said
“When the heart is Sick the whole body is sick..
When the heart is at peace the whole body is at Ease
Ease makes the heart merry and once the heart is at Joyful everything works accordingly because Joy is a medicine to the body… Proverbs 13vs 12
This song reassures you of Your Divine portion and inheritance in God. Everything is yours.”

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Lyrics: Healing is Yours

What are a healer you are
You sent your word and you healed my disease
You are mighty
Full of compassion
Great and compassion
Great and mighty is your love 2x

Healing is yours
Power is yours
Touch us again
With your healing power
Let your anointing fill this place
Healing is yours lord
Healing is yours..

Healing healing 3x
Touch us again with your healing power..

Lead soloist
Receive your healing
Received your increase
Receieve your promotion
Receive your children
Received your visa
Receive your husband
Receive your good health
Receive your sound mind
Let the blind see
Let the lame walk
The deaf hear
Let the dumb speak
Lord your power
Release your power
Touch us again
With your healing power

The End

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