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I Will Be There by Kayode Olasemi


Would you be there?? Because I definitely will!! Gospel artist Kayode Olasemi is back with yet another outstanding Song titled “I will be there”. This song passes a strong message to all Christians with it’s heavenly lyrics and solemn delivery, for we are in this world but not of this world, heaven is our home and truly the end is near, are you prepared?

Kayode Olasemi, based in the United Kingdom has released several Gospel songs in the likes of “Call him” to propagate the gospel and spread the knowledge of truth around the world, in so doing he has Also worked with fellow Gospel Artists to spread the good news even quicker and has amassed quite a number of audience on platforms.

“I will be there” is definitely a song you want to have on your playlist bringing you closer to our everlasting Lord and savior as Time is not on our side again. We as soldiers of Christ have a mandate to fulfill and Kayode Olasemi is doing just that, soon the Father would come for us and we would be at home, in His presence, forever

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Youtube is @kayodeolasemi
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