MamuZEE TwiNs, Gospel Music Ministers and songwriters is out with the visuals of their new praise gospel single titled Issa Goal

Issa Goal, is a definition and symbol of victory, it intimates us as believers to know that no matter how difficult and unbearable life becomes. We should believe and hope in God with an assurance that, before the referee blows his final whistle, for the game of life to come to an end, we will definitely score our goal. As you listen to this inspirational, danceable and blessed song, I pray that you score as many goals as you can with faith and patience in the field of life.

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About the Artist
Akpos and Andos Dixon AKA MamuZEE TwiNs are twin brothers, they are Gospel Singers, Songwriters, Models, Actors and Business Men, they have been in entertainment for almost two decades but was into circular music with so many hits and Accolades but made a switch into Gospel music as they had an encounter with God Almighty. Today they are traveling round the world propagating the Gospel of Christ through songs and dance. They are also married to a set of identical twins and are blessed with children. They remain… THE SEED OF DAVID.

Contact Info
Instagram handles : Mamuzee1,Mamuzee2
Facebook accounts : Mamuzee brothers : Mamuzee dixon
Twitter handle :MamuZEE TwiNs



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