Super Gospel vocalist and song writer -Faith Daisy Koroma releases a new song titled Jesus I Love featuring Mj

Faith Daisy Koroma is a Sierra Leone gospel music singer and a song writer. She is a key member of the award winning music group in Sierra Leone called THE UNLIMITED MUSIC MINISTRY. She is also a dancer and an inspiration to many lives. Faith Daisy is a born again Christian,vigilante,strong,committed and faithful in the things of God, cause she believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. She is the second daughter in a family of five. Known for her strong and powerful soprano singing voice, has been singing with senior gospel ministers and she is one of the best female gospel vocalist in Sierra Leone.
She came from a music family, Father& Mother, Pastor Momoh Koroma and Mrs Makai Koroma.They’re also well known and has been a blessing in so many ways. Her anointed and spiritual father is Pastor Alim Sesay under his grace and covering I have grown and experience the hand of God upon my life. Faith Daisy is a marketing student and trying to fulfill multiple dreams. Born on the 28 November. She has released her first single JESUS I LOVE YOU featuring MJ in 2016. The song was inspired by the pressure and difficulties around. Thinking of all the love and protection he is giving me to stand firm not to let go of his love, then I wrote the song record and release it to express why i love him. Am also believing God for more inspiration and release multiple songs that will reach the world and transform lives because that’s the aim and motive of my singing ministy so the name of God will always be glorified.

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The name is Faith D also Daisy
Let me take it easy
So you won’t get dizzy
Let the sun shine
Let the wind blow
Let my heart beat and let the rain fall
Cause he died for me
On the cross of calvar
That’s why I stand to sing
Cause he reign in me
He reign in me Jesus reign in me
He reign in me,He reign in me yeah…..

Jesus i love you
Because you love me
Died on the cross for my sins
Cause you love me
I need you always around me
And I’ll never let you go cause i need you

This your life he gave it to you
Joy happiness he gave all to you
No other God can do what he did
Cause he’ll take all your pain and sorrow away
This my Jesus he love me too much
Give him your heart
He will never let you fall
Trust in him he’s your everything
Your master
Your Savoir
Your King
And your superstar

Am so crazy in love
This wan na straight from above
My head dad kolo
Go ask man Solo
Cause his banner
His banner over is love
Pick me from the donjon
And make me fly high
The devil can’t touch me
Even if he try
Goodness and mercy always around me
Big things agwan
Cause his favour dae fala me
Imagine a man of glory
Came from redemption story
Just Imagine how he love me
To pick up my stitches
My heart keep bubbling
And so i keep praising him
Big up big up
To the most high God

Facebook:Faith Daisy Koroma
Instagram: faithdaisyk
YouTube: Faith Daisy Koroma



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