Gospel Music minister and songwriter, Peter Ejiofo releases a new song titled “May You Reign”

In his word …
MAY YOU REIGN is inspirational, worship to King of kings and Lord of lords, the King of Zion, King of the saints, we enthrone Him to reign over our lives and our nations because who REIGNS over our lives determines our allocations and stakes in life here on earth and in life to come. For this purpose, we are called to announce the praise and supremacy of our God and creator of heaven and earth.

Peter Ejiofor is a lover of God and out of love has chosen the part of serving God. He has chosen to serve God as His favorite delicacies, he is a Zion chef. “I’m drawn to worship Him for who He is, What He is, and for His salvation.

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Lyrics by Peter Ejiofor
Praises await you in Zion!
King of righteousness,
Who was and is and is to come,
Forever you will be,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
All hail King of Zion-
(May you Reign… Reign Jesus reign may you Reign) chorus.

Lion of the tribe of Judah,
You… Reign, you… Reign,
I Am that I Am,
You… Reign you… Reign,
Homage I’ve come to pay to you my king,
For you are glorious in splendor,
Your kingdom is for evermore,
I’ve never seen anyone like you…,
You are clothed in majesty….. May you reign… Reign Jesus reign May you reign…

Reign over the nations,
You reign over my life,
You defeated Satan, and made a mess of him on calvary tree,
The dominion of Satan is over in my life bcos you rei……..gn Heh!
Reign… Jesus reign May you reign.
Loin of the tribe of Judah- chorus

The End

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