Morah Ifeanyichukwu hails from Nteje in Anambra State. Fourth of a family of six. He holds a B.Sc degree in Pure & Industrial Chemistry from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

He’s the Music Director of Omega Fire Ministry Awka Branch. A Songwriter par excellence, instructor and music coach.

“I started singing casually during my secondary education at Marist Comprehensive college Nteje and never knew I will get this far.”


Lyrics – My Strong Hold

Father we lift our hands in worship
We join the host of Angel, in adoration to your name.

You are my stronghold
You are Messiah
Mighty in Battle
I thank you for your Love.(*2).

You ar’ my stronghold
Messiaaah, huuuuuuu(*2)

You are my strength
You are my life
You are my helper
You are my love.

You are the reason am alive.
You are the air that I breath.
Mmalite na ogugu
Oloro ihe loro ehi
Ochimmiri atata
I lift up your name

You lifted me (*2)
You gave me the reason
To sing forth your praise

Onye na eme nma
Onye na agwo oria
Onye na enye udo
Oh nma nma emela

Nma nma imela
Eze Jesus,
Ebe imere kam di ndu ta nma nma imela.

Nma nma imela
Eze Jesus
Ebe imerem kam di ndu ta
Nma nma imela.

When I look up to heaven
The moon and stars and the works of your fingers
I ask myself saying:
Who are my that you are mindful of me?

Onye ka m bu na ina echerem oooo
isialam obu gi nwe ya.
Ebe imere kam di ndu taaa
Nma imela
Nma imela
Nma imela

You are my stronghold
You are my messiah
Mighty in battle
I thank you for your love(*2)



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