In the last 21 years, our democracy has been put on the brink of collapse by leadership across board.

However, we move into the next phase of Elections with this Administration ending its eight years in Government with very poor performance in key sectors like Security, Education, Economic Development, and Governance.

It is our prerogative to ask valid questions like what can we do differently to stop

1. ASUU Strike and Collapse of Public Education.

2. Insecurity and Breakdown of Law and Order.

3. Corruption and Nepotism in Civil and Public Governance.

4. Poverty and Income Inequality.

5. Ethnic distrust and Communal disharmony.

The list of our problems is endless but the answer is simple…

We must choose Leadership that is accountable…

To this end, I believe the Legislators have so much to offer in terms of Appropriation, Accountability officers for implementing projects as well as Public Policy Framers and implementation.

Nigeria is our country. We have no other place to call Home. This time we must put our commitment in choosing Leadership that can deliver the results that place Nigeria as the beacon of excellence for Africa on the Global stage…

This time… We must vote for those with the heart of the people. We must vote for those ready to sacrifice for Nigeria. We must resist those that want to sacrifice Nigeria.

This is our country!!!

Happy Independence.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless us.

Vote for ADC
Oghwere Ejiro Henry for Okpe,Sapele and Uvwie
Federal Constituency Delta State



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