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Super Story by Caleb Rex: Audio + Lyrics


Gospel Music Minister, Caleb Rex releases a new inspirational song titled “Superstory”.

Superstory is a song culled from the popular TV series that used to air back then. It’s a song that expresses and celebrates the depth of the Love and Grace of God towards us. This was recorded during a live performance and is written and composed by Caleb Rex.

About The Artist:
Caleb Rex is a dynamic minister currently based in the city of Calabar. A man called by God to reach the world through his teachings and music. His songs have been blessing lives around the world and his latest song, Superstory is not an exception. He is happily married to Okoma and they are both serving the Lord.

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It’s a Superstory (repeat)

Verse 1
It’s a Superstory
How my saviour came from heaven to earth
It’s a Superstory
How he came to die
For a wretch to like me
It’s amazing
How he left his throne
And called me his own
This Superstory
Is a story called grace 2x

Verse 2
It’s a Superstory
How a man like me
Could he loved by you
Despite my mistakes
You were always there
To pick me when I fell
You never left me
Even when I failed you
You still called me your own (5x)
This Superstory
Is a story called Grace

Thank you for your love
Thank you for your grace 2x

It’s only by your Grace (repeat)
Be lifted high Oh God (repeat)




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