Super Gospel artist , Blessify get on the trending list by releasing this great song titled “The Name Jesus”

Blessify an International gospel artiste, renowned for her deep connections with the Word and essence of inspirations from the Spirit of God in the making of music, releases yet another single titled The Name of Jesus

Let this song bless and remind us of the essence of Jesus’s suffering, dead and resurrection

Produced by E’keyz
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The Name JESUS Lyrics
There is a name I love so much
All power is in that name
Every other name is
subject to that only name
It’s the greatest name

At that name all knee must bow
And every tongue shall confess
Greater than the greatest
Wiser than the wisest

Demons tremble
at the sound of that name
Mountains crumble
at the sound of that name
In that name
all men are saved
Oh what an awesome name
Most powerful name (call that name)

Jesus Jesus
Oh Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus
Sweet Jesus Jesus

Jesus Jesus
Oh Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus
Sweet Jesus Jesus
Oh what a wonderful name

The most powerful name
I know

Jesus is your name
You’ve got the whole world in your hands
All of creation
Stand at attention
At the sound of your name

In heaven and the earth
And in the world be…




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