Multiple talented gospel act, Elnazor Obi releases a brand new song titled “This Week”
“This Week” is an amazing and inspirational song of proclaiming the blessing of God into you day. it is a decree of good tidings and favour upon your life”..
This beautiful master piece will definitely make you dance .
Samuel Chinazor Obi (elnazor obi) is a song writer, instrumentalist and a music producer from Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria.

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Lyrics: This Week

This week wey you see, e no go be your last ooh, Amen
The problems wey you face last week you no go see am this week again ooh, Amen
This new day wey you see e go better pass yesterday oh, Amen
What ever you lay your hands to do, God go bless am well well, Amen

Cuz your going in and coming out is blessed, your family is blessed too, Amen
And you go receive alert wey go change your life oh this week, Amen
Your helper is coming your way and he’s coming my way oh, Amen
Your Singleness is ending today, your marriage is on the way ooh, Amen

(My people) This week wey we see e no go see our end oh, Amen
Our country e go better ooh, we no go hear of killings again oh, Amen
(Brother) you go get the contract o say you go get the employment oh this week, Amen
And you no go sick again, and if you dey you go get your healing right now ooh sharp sharp receive it, Amen

Mummy and daddy una go dey alive to see us succeed ooh, Amen
(Pikin) you go pass your exams you no get am carry over ooh, Amen
And when JESUS go come, me and you go make HEAVEN oh, Amen
I no go see you for hell, you no go see me for hellfire ooh, no no no, Amen

This week wey you see e no go be your last oh, Amen
This day wey we see e no see our end ooh, Amen
Amen amen amen amen
Amen amen amen amen
Amen amen
God go bless you today ooh
This week ooh
This month ooh this year oh

The End.

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